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What if you got everything you wanted from all of your customer interactions?

Seriously, what if? 

Well 'everything' may be a stretch; but I can get you really close...if you're willing to start looking at those interactions through the lens of a microscope!



To give you the power to control what happens in your customer interactions

Jerry Stapleton



"In our zeal to improve sales we overlooked its most important activity: the customer interaction.   It’s like we’ve rebuilt sales from a country road to a 12-lane superhighway of productivity, then forgot about the last mile.


So we ended up creating a 'results traffic jam' because we streamlined everything except the piece that matters the most: the customer interaction. 


By showing us how to view the interaction in a way that we never have Stapleton has taken care of the last mile for us. More to the point, he shows us how to gain control of the outcomes we want from those interactions."

Chris Ahearn


Oakwood Worldwide

Can you relate to any of these feelings about
your customer interactions? 

I'll admit it, I've had more drinks with salespeople than a responsible father of eight probably should.  But hey, I can let my guru guard down and they can shed their superhero cape; so it's worth it.  Inevitably, I end up hearing things like...

"I still feel powerless.  I think it's because, deep down, I still feel subservient to the customer."

"My customer conversations still seem hurried.  And I'm not sure if it’s self-imposed or if I'm getting subtle signals from the customer"

"Customers still react to things I say (sometimes just a single word) in a way that seems way out of proportion with what was said"

"I try to be natural and authentic

but customers still seem to take it

the wrong way"

"Prospects' defenses still go up even before I say 'Hello' on  cold calls"

"I still don’t feel I have the right to ask for certain information"

"If I'm honest with myself, Jerry, I'd have to say I have very little control!"

"I think customers still feel like they're being 'sales processed,' probed, or interrogated when I'm in info-gathering mode"

"I want people to think of me as anything but
a ‘salesperson'"

"Customers still seem to withhold, filter and distort information—even if not deliberately"

Prepare to look at selling through a whole new lens.

Prepare to enter a world of sales you never knew existed!



"Make something appear larger than it is, especially with a lens or microscope"

What does it mean to 'magnify your customer interactions?'
To understand and leverage the second-       by-second 'signals' that cause customers       to respond favorably or unfavorably                 to you...second-by-second!           .



When you get what you want from your customer interactions you truly improve your life


You have a life; and you want to live it to the fullest


You create the identity of Trusted Resource—not salesperson—and you do it throughout every interaction, not by months of 'proving yourself'


You experience the amazing sense of liberation that comes from shedding all remnants of that ‘master/servant’ feeling


You understand your customers’ businesses better than any salesperson
ever has


Customers know, understand, respect—and even admire—that you will not waste your time or your company’s resources


Customers commit to next steps and return your calls and emails, or if

they don’t, you know exactly why


You’re newly energized about selling because of your newfound control

It's personal

You get what you want from your customer interactions only by controlling what happens throughout them. But you must learn how to engage in the interaction second-by-second if you want to gain control!  

When you get what you want from your customer interactions you absolutely will improve your business


Drive consistent and predictable revenue growth


Outsell competitors, not just out-price them


Pursue business that makes sense; avoid business that doesn’t

Experience demand-creation as a reality, not just a buzzword


Learn about opportunities before they hit the street


Disrupt the status quo at accounts that seem permanently locked into

the way things are

It's business

Virtually never lose a customer you don't want to lose

Accelerate decisions—and predict their outcomes with amazing reliability



Align your company's value with your customers' business priorities





I believe everything we want from our interactions ultimately flows from two sources:


1. Information: Salespeople want customers to give them a complete and accurate picture of the account and the opportunity

2. Differentiation: Salespeople want customers to embrace  (even if they don't understand) their value over the value of the competition or the value of the status quo 


There's just one problem: most of what we've been taught about gaining information and creating differentiation is deeply flawed!  And this is the business problem I solve by giving you the power to control what happens in your customer interactions. 

Stapleton’s Real-time Trust® Boot Camp was the most liberating experience of my professional life.

Mike Rubesa

Project Manager

Grunau Company, 

Youngstown, OH

They say, ‘There’s nothing new under the sun’ in sales...”Sales is sales!”  They’re wrong! Stapleton is a generation ahead of anyone in the space."

D.J. Palmiter

Strategic Accounts

PTC Software

Needham, MA

Real differentiation and perfect information are within reach. All I needed was the microscope.  This is amazing stuff that I believe changes the face of selling.

Jim Inzeo 

Vice President, Sales

Lellyett & Rogers Company

Nashville, TN

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"I learned more about what's really happening in my customer interactions in a few weeks than in my previous 20 years. Everyone who sells needs to experience Stapleton's Mentored Boot Camp!"

Joe Bjorklund



Vancouver, BC

I was a Boot Camp  skeptic early on.  Well, you can now count me among the believers.  It feels great to be in control like never before.

Paul Carpenter

Account Manager


Milwaukee, WI

Magnifying the customer interaction really is a game-changer.  How can something so simple be so powerful?

Bill  Keffeler

Senior Director, Business Solutions

Merit Medical

Salt Lake City, UT

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Welcome to Real-time Trust     Mentored Boot Camp!


Let's face something else:

sales training is a train wreck!


Can we be real for another second?  Sales training
doesn’t work! 


Why? Nothing gets translated to everyday life. Mentored Boot Camp fixes that.  It’s a first-of-its-kind learning experience because it closes that massive translation gap.


You’ll start with a live session near Milwaukee, WI followed by a rigorous and structured 3-month period of personal mentoring by Jerry Stapleton. 


Boot Camp’s singular mission is to show you how to create real differentiation and gain perfect information in all of your sales efforts; and we’re joined at the hip until 
that happens.  

"Let's start with what

we believe about you!

We believe that your gifts are sacred

Your DNA is unlike anyone else’s.  We get that! That’s why we will never ask you to change who you are.  In fact, we make it our business to help you take the things that make you you and use them to your advantage.

We believe that you're looking for growth,

not information

We hold nothing back. So you get everything we know about the customer interaction throughout your Boot Camp experience. But we’ve spent years refining how and when we introduce you to it. Our passion for your growth is also why one-on-one mentoring is so important to us.

We believe that you will learn only if you want to


Everyone in Boot Camp is pumped! That helps make it amazing! And that’s also why we simply cannot accept ‘prisoners.’ If your company wants to enroll you but you’re not ready yet, we’d hate to see you go, but we’ll encourage you to circle back only when the time is right.

Your Mentored Boot Camp Experience has three parts! 
  1. Pre-Boot Camp Prep
  2. Two-Day Group Session
  3. One-on-one Mentoring

Boot Camp Part 1

  1. Pre-Boot Camp prep


Throughout Mentored Boot Camp you will be learning a lot about the way your inherited thought process profoundly influences your ability to create differentiation and gain information in your customer interactions.  


That’s why the Mindset Survey, which you’ll complete before Boot Camp, is so valuable. The survey captures your natural predispositions (which I call your “Inherited Sales Mindset”).  Then, during Boot Camp, using the results of your survey, you will see how to use that Inherited mindset to your advantage.


Things can get a little crazy when everyone shows up for the live Boot Camp session.  So I’d like the opportunity to get to know you a bit (Yes, on a real phone conversation) before we meet in a group setting. 


But I also want to start getting my arms around your everyday world of selling so that we can start the mentoring process right out of the blocks. 


In other words, you tell me what you want from Boot Camp and I make it my personal mission to make sure you get it!

Complete the Mindset Survey

Connect with Jerry Stapleton

Boot Camp Part 2

2. Two-Day Group Session


You’ll spend two days connecting with other motivated, like-minded sales professionals who share your passion for growth, success and a balanced life. 

We apply a modern (and PowerPoint-free) high-intensity retrieval and practice approach in our training because it leads to the quickest and most durable learning. Participants tell is the time flies by.

Detailed Syllabus

Here’ s what your two days will look like.

DAY 1: Afternoon

FOCUS: The customer interaction under the microscope,

Part 1: Real-time Trust®

  • What you see when you ‘magnify’ your customer interactions

  • Your customers are engaged in the conversation second-by-second;

       you need to as well

  • The collision of three automatic behavior patterns that can’t be seen

      with the naked eye

  • Your customers are “mindless” (but that’s not an insult)

  • The huge difference between the “salesman stereotype” and the

      “stereotypical salesman”

  • The mindset that all salespeople (statistically, it is “all”) inherit, how it  

      gets in your way and how to use it to your advantage

  • The six signals that totally control the customer’s receptivity to you and why they’re invisible to the naked eye

DAY 1: Morning

FOCUS: Why you’re here and how Boot Camp will improve your life…if you want it to

  • What do we all believe about sales, selling and sales results?

  • The source of all results in sales and why you’re probably blowing right past it

  • You can control only one thing during the customer interaction; and this is it

  • Where differentiation really comes from—it’s not what you think

  • The only path to breakthrough information; it’s s so obvious that we miss it 

  • The simple line of logic that connects differentiation and information with measurable results

DAY 2: Morning

FOCUS: The customer interaction under the microscope,

Part 2: The Tools

  • Tools salespeople didn’t know existed because they work only in a
    magnified interaction

  • Why sales processes and methodologies are almost powerless without magnifying interactions

  • Tool #1: Sales Mindset:



       ◦ Why “How you think” is such a powerful tool

       ◦ What it means to “think differently” in sales—and why you really really want to

       ◦ How engaging the customer “non-transactionally” (which is vastly different

          from ‘soft selling’) will, ironically, accelerate the transaction

       ◦ Why shedding the master/servant mindset is at the epicenter of the seismic

          mindset shift that salespeople must embrace

  • Tool #2: Language



       ◦ Many words and phrases we use everyday that are unwittingly

          triggering 'micro-rejection’

       ◦ The difference between what you say and what people hear and how  

           that difference can kill your ability to create differentiation and gain information

       ◦ The two language buckets

1. Framing Language

2. Contracting Language

Mentoring blocks 1-6

DAY 2: Afternoon

FOCUS: Application to the four corners of the sales universe

  • The four corners of the sales universe and why you need to visit all four no matter which corner you live in

  • How to gain control of next steps and get customers to actually commit

  • How magnifying the customer’s org chart is the only way to reveal the account’s real power structure

  • What executive interactions look like under the microscope

  • Corner #1: Demand creation/cold call interactions​


      ◦ Certain cold call principles that everyone must master

  • Corner #2: Qualifying interactions 

      ◦ Why you’ll never successfully qualify an opportunity until you take this one very                   difficult step

  • Corner #3: Competitive interactions

      ◦ What competitive strategy looks like under the microscope

  • Corner #4: Customer retention interactions

      ◦ The number one reason for losing good, ongoing accounts that becomes

         obvious only after you see it

  • What to expect in post-Boot Camp mentoring

3. One-on-one Mentoring with Jerry Stapleton

The mentoring process starts within 24 hours of the live session. You will meet with Jerry  (phone or live, depending on your travel) for 45 minutes to refine your mentoring plan.  


Mentoring is personalized and tailored completely to your everyday world, your role (leaders, for example, have their own mentoring track) and your experience level.  Frequently, mentoring also involves your first line manager.


But mentoring also adheres to a structure.  That’s how we make sure you don’t miss anything and that you master the tools that will help you apply your new learning ‘on-demand’ in the future. 


The mentoring period is 3 months, broken into six, 2-week modules, each with its own theme.  The boxes below provide more detail on each mentoring module.

Boot Camp Part 3

Mentoring Module #4:

Making Mindset Real

Mentoring Module #5: 

3 Vital Interactions

Mentoring Module #6: Integrating with Your Strategy, Process

and Culture

Mentoring Module #1:

Looking for the

six signals

Mentoring Module #2: Framing Language

Mentoring Module #3: Contracting Language

Enroll In Boot Camp

Follow Stapleton’s model and the only party that won’t win is your competitor!

Rick Justice

Senior Vice-President, Worldwide Field Operations

Cisco Systems





I have the most incredible job in the world! I get to play a part in the transformation of an industry (sales), add purpose and prosperity to the people I work with (sales professionals), do it by sharing the results of something I love doing (looking at stuff under the microscope…believe it or not) and engage with people in my favorite way (one-on-one).


I started my journey looking at metal alloys under the microscope (I’m an engineer with a specialty in high temperature materials).  After about six years of figuring out what made certain alloys tick, I switched my attention to ‘using the microscope’ to figure out what made the buyer/seller conversation tick (the transition is a long, boring story). 


I zoomed in in particular on why some sales meetings went to the moon while others just blew up, with no apparent explanation for either outcome.


But I didn’t do my “research” in a cushy lab




No matter where you are in your career, we believe you want to grow.  And we don’t rest until we’ve helped you do so.  You could say we’re a bit obsessed that way.


That's why our business model is built around supporting your personal growth, not scaling our revenue growth (we’ll figure out how to accomplish both in the years
to come).  


That’s also why we currently limit group size to ten and will run a session for a group as small as three. 


See below for the next scheduled Mentored Boot Camp date. 

Boot Camp

Live Session


Mentoring Period

Enrollment Deadline

  February 20-21, 2018

Delafield, WI

February 21, 2018-

May 22, 2018

February 13, 2018

Enrollment Fee


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